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Anti-Fatigue Mats With Holes

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  1. Versa Runner Rubber Matting

    Versa Runner Rubber Matting (#0211CHD)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This thick, heavy duty mat has done excellent work in kitchens, food processing plants, locker/shower rooms, around swimming pools and behind bars.
    • It is compounded to resist grease, oil, acids, and alkalies. 
    • Slotted holes provide good drainage.
    • This matting gives greater foot-ease and stability.

  2. Nyracord Counter Tread Matting

    Nyracord Counter Tread Matting (#0220)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Counter Tread is a blend of rubber and nylon fibers which stand up to years of harsh service.
    • Open slot design allows fluids to flow through the mat providing a safe, slip-resistant working surface.
    • Mats are also available in a closed slot version
    • All this with the benefit of anti-fatigue properties.
    • Multi-direction ribs on the top surface allow sure footing.
    • Rounded edges that will not curl.
    • Ribbed underside creates a cushion for worker comfort.
    • Sold in full rolls only.

  3. Tire Link Mats

    Tire Link Mats (#0403)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Tough mats made from rubberized fabric links woven on heavy galvanized spring steel wire.
    • The links are 5/8" thick x 2 1/2" long woven on wires in a v-shaped herringbone design.
    • These mats can be used at doorways, behind counters, in the front of work benches, on assembly lines, and in machine shops.
    • Custom sizes available.
    • Mats with bevel or square nosing are available on special request.
    • Mats available up to 7' wide x 25' long in one section.
    • Standard size mats do not include nosing.

  4. Multi-Mat II Rubber Matting

    Multi-Mat II Rubber Matting (#0611)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • No other mat offers all these features.
    • Mat is not only reversible, but is also highly resistant to grease, oils, and fats.
    • Multi-Mat has excellent cushioned support, and is easy to clean.
    • Raised knobs facilitate drainage. Dirt and grease flush away easily.
    • Non-skid in even wet greasy conditions. Lightweight for ease of handling.
    • 3/8" thick
    • Custom sizes available

  5. Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles

    Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles (#0613)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • 12" x 12" interlocking modular tiles for those areas where safety and comfort are critical.
    • Open design allows water and debris to fall through the tile and out the drain.
    • Tiles snap quickly together and can be easily trimmed to fit wall to wall applications.
    • Perfect for showers, saunas, locker rooms, or any work station.
    • Contains Oxy-B1 vinyl to inhibit growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  6. Floorline Vinyl Matting

    Floorline Vinyl Matting (#0614)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This is a functional matting constructed of heavy wall flexible PVC tubes, electronically welded together in a grid form.
    • This mat should be used in showers, saunas, pools or locker rooms, where a non-skid surface is needed.
    • It will cushion your feet and will not slip even on a wet floor.
    • 1/4" thick.
    • Sold in 33' rolls only.

  7. Heron Rib Duckboard Vinyl Matting

    Heron Rib Duckboard Vinyl Matting (#0614A)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Resilient cushion construction eases worker fatigue and reduces breakage of dropped parts or equipment.
    • These mats are impervious to oils, grease, acids and alkalies.
    • Heron Rib has a specially embossed slip resistant surface.
    • Sanitized ® additives are included in the material for assured underfoot hygiene in areas where bacterial tends to harbor.
    • Made from non-porous PVC with channeled underbars to automatically self drain.
    • 1/2" thick.
    • Sold in 40' rolls only.

  8. Heron Air Vinyl Matting

    Heron Air Vinyl Matting (#0614HA)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Superior slip resistance, anti-fatigue properties and lower cost makes this the mat of choice where duckboard is not necessary. 
    • The hollow ribs provide comfort underfoot.
    • Provides excellent comfort & insulation where cold, hard floors are otherwise an issue.
    • 1/4" thick.
    • Sold in 40' rolls only.

  9. Vynagrip Vinyl Duckboard Matting

    Vynagrip Vinyl Duckboard Matting (#0614V)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Vynagrip is made from two layers of non-porous, flexible PVC that are welded together to create extra strong joints.
    • These mats are impervious to oils, grease, acids and alkalis.
    • Vynagrip has a specially embossed slip resistant surface.
    • Available with the additional benefit of yellow edges to mark routes and promote safety.
    • Mat is hygienic, easy to clean, and provides excellent cushioning properties
    • 5/8" thick.
    • Sold in 33' full rolls only.

  10. Cushion Tile

    Cushion Tile (#0616)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Cushion tile is the functional solution to the elimination of fatigue, vibration and slipping.
    • The mat is made of durable vinyl plastic and is easy to install and custom cut to fit.
    • Made from 100% recycled PVC material.
    • Black or yellow ramped edges are available with the same interlocking mechanism.
    • Resistant to most chemicals.
    • Can be used in industrial plants, machine shops, exercise rooms, health clubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and in boats.
    • 3/4" thickness.
    • See #0616S for solid version or #0616G for grit top version.

  11. Grit Top Cushion Tile

    Grit Top Cushion Tile (#0616G)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • For maximum traction, use our grit top tile.
    • The carbide grit provides maximum traction in areas where oil, water, solvents or chemicals are found.
    • Made from 100% recycled PVC.
    • Bevel edges and corner pieces are available in black or safety yellow.
    • Bevel edges and corners are not grit coated.
    • 3/4" thick.
    • Same waffle grid design as our standard cushion tiles, #0616.
    • See #0616 for drainage version or #0616S for solid version.

  12. Cushion Dek Matting

    Cushion Dek Matting (#0620)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Cushion Dek is constructed of solid PVC, which is highly resistant to industrial chemicals.
    • It also features slotted perforations that allow liquids to safety drain from the work surface.
    • Raised pyramid top surface design improves traction.
    • 7/16" thickness.
    • Slotted perforations are 1/2" wide x 1 7/8" long to facilitate drainage.
    • Studded bottom surface provides fatigue relief and allows drainage from underneath the mat.
    • Also available with Grit Step abrasive coating for additional traction.
    • Custom lengths available.

  13. Safety Step Rubber Mats

    Safety Step Rubber Mats (#0622)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Low cost, high value mat for any industrial application.
    • Anti-fatigue mat withstands wet environments.
    • Modular design allows for custom installation.
    • Beveled edges and corners are available.
    • Molded in connectors on two adjoining sides.
    • Mats are available with holes for drainage application.
    • 1/2" thick

  14. Safe Walk Mats

    Safe Walk Mats (#0623)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Drainage holes allow liquids and waste to pass through matting.
    • Comfortable construction eases fatigue and increases productivity.
    • Heavy duty 7/8" thick rubber construction for wet enviroments.
    • Available in a grease resistant black or a red greaseproof mat.
    • Black is also available with a grit coated surface for extra traction.

  15. Safe Walk Jr. Rubber Mats

    Safe Walk Jr. Rubber Mats (#0624)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Finally, a mat with all the features that you need. Lightweight, comfortable and built-in beveled edges.
    • Safe Walk Jr. has holes for drainage.
    • For use in machine shops, plants, factories or in the kitchen.
    • This mat is formulated with grease resistant properties for years of service.
    • Available in general purpose black, grease resistant red, or black with a grit coated surface for enhanced traction.
    • 1/2" thick.

  16. Safety Tru-Tread Rubber Mats

    Safety Tru-Tread Rubber Mats (#0625)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Heavy duty 7/8" construction with durable, beveled borders.
    • Anti-fatigue matting provides cushion and support for wet, greasy and dry environments.
    • Elevated construction allows fluids to drain away from work areas.
    • Colored borders for increased safety awareness.
    • Available in grease resistant black or black grit coating for added traction.
    • 7/8" thick.
    • 3 sided bevel mats are beveled on 1 short side & 2 long sides of the mat.
    • 4 sided bevel mats are beveled on all 4 sides.

  17. Wayfarer Custom Mats

    Wayfarer Custom Mats (#266)

    • The perfect dirt stopper for outside and recessed applications.
    • This durable, vinyl loop mat, stands up to heavy traffic and scrapes dirt and grime off shoes.
    • This mat is unbacked to allow dirt and moisture to drain through for easy cleanup.
    • 1/2" thick.
    • Custom lengths available.

  18. Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mats -w/Holes

    Cushion Station Anti-Fatigue Mats (#370)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation.
    • Highly durable and dense closed cell Nitrile rubber foam combined with uniquely designed construction affords excellent anti-fatigue properties.
    • Grease and Oil proof.
    • Designed for use in wet or dry areas.
    • Available with yellow safety stripe for worker awareness.
    • Safe to use at welding stations
    • Can be autoclave sterilized.
    • Green 10% recycled rubber content
    • Recommended for use in medical facility environments, kitchens, locker rooms, labs, behind bars, kitchens, machine shops, work stations, or other heavy industrial applications.
    • 7/16" Thick.

  19. Traction Hog Mats

    Traction Hog Mats (#418)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Slip resistant silicone carbide coated surface provides traction in wet, oily areas.
    • 1/8" low profile allows safety and carts to move.
    • Recommended for use in wet and slippery manufacturing areas, walk in coolers and freezers, oily areas and food service.
    • Slip Resistance Surface: ASTM C10280-96 Coefficient of Friction: Dry - .78.
    • Available with or without holes.

  20. Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Mats (#420)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Constructed of 100% high density closed cell nitrile rubber.
    • Far superior in grease and oil resistance than other "grease proof" mats.
    • Excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort.
    • Low profile and slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents.
    • Non-skid backing keeps mat in place.
    • Anti-microbial Treated - guards against degradation from micro-organisms and minimizes mats being a source of odors.
    • Available with or without holes.
    • Beveled edges for safe access.
    • Welding safe.
    • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • See item #430 for mat option without holes.

  21.  Cushion-Lok Mats

    Cushion-Lok Mats (#520)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Tough PVC workstation mat intended for wet environments where resistance to harsh chemicals is necessary.
    • Cushion-Lok mat has hundreds of holes to facilitate drainage while the worker is elevated on blades to increase traction.
    • Six inch wide diamond studded beveled ramps are permanently attached on three sides for worker safety.
    • Full 7/8" thickness.
    • Safety Yellow edges standard, Black edges available upon request.
    • Custom sizes available, call Customer Service for pricing.

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