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Anti-Slip Tapes & Coatings

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  1. Safety Track Non-Skid Tape - Coarse

    Safety Track Non-Skid Tape - Coarse (#3200)

    • This material fits your specific needs, in assorted shapes and sizes.
    • Assists in preventing costly slip and fall accidents and helps in complying with strict OSHA safety standards.
    • This material can be used indoors or out, wet or dry, even around oil and grease.
    • It goes on like tape to a clean, dry surface and is ready for immediate service.


    Safety Track Resilient Medium Non-Skid Tape (#3510)

    • Rubberized, textured non-slip is designed for heavy shoe traffic, yet is comfortable enough for bare feet.
    • Provides unparalleled coefficient of friction in both industrial and commercial applications.
    • Coated with an aggressive adhesive designed with industrial and commercial applications in mind.
    • National Flooring Safety Institute Certified for "high traction".
    • Available in black or gray.
    • Sold in full cases only.

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  3. Conformable Safety Track Non-Skid Tape

    Conformable Safety Track Non-Skid Tape (#3700)

    • Mineral coated anti-slip material with foil backing that conforms around corners and to irregular surfaces.
    • Used on diamond tread safety plates, steps, ladders, ramps, equipment, vehicles and other irregular surfaces to create a non-slip surface.
    • Black color.
    • Sold in full cases only.

  4. Flex Track Fine Grade Non-Skid Tape -White

    Flex Track Fine Grade Non-Skid Tape (#4100)

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    • Flex Track Fine Grade has been engineered for foot friendly, non-slip protection in showers, baths and bathing areas.
    • Excellent for exercise and gym equipment.
    • Available in white and clear
    • Sold in full cases only.

  5. WP-70 Non-Skid Epoxy Coating

    WP-70 Non-Skid Epoxy Coating (#WP-70)

    • Trowel on, 2 part epoxy system for extreme, durable, long lasting solution.
    • For industries, such as breweries, canneries, or off-shore drilling platforms.
    • Extra thick consistency requires trowel and squeegee application.
    • Packed 1 gallon kit per case.
    • 25 - 30 square feet coverage per gallon.
    • No flash or volatile solvents, low voc.
    • 18 - 24 hour cure time.
    • 30 - 60 minute pot life once mixed.
    • Squeegee and mixing blade not included.

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