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Custom Logo Floor Mats

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  1. Vinyl Link Mat

    Vinyl Link Mat (#0105)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Superb shoe cleaning properties that reduce building maintenance. 
    • High grade PVC links are 1/2" wide x 7/16" thick x 1 7/8" long.
    • Mat first removes dirt, then contains it deep within corrugations.
    • Note: Not recommended where heavy equipment will be rolled over mats.
    • Available with bevel edging for surface mounting or square edging for recessed applications.
    • Custom logos can be incorporated into the mat.

  2. Berber Matting

    Berber Matting (#0227)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This material is ideal for any type of entrance area, indoors and out.
    • Berber is impervious to ultra-violet light and can be cut into any size or shape without danger of the edges unraveling.
    • Berber is tough as steel, but looks like carpet.
    • Can be direct glued down or made into custom size mats with edging applied to all sides.
    • Corporate logo or design can be added for a custom look.
    • Email us your artwork for free proof and quote.

  3. Super Berber Matting

    Super Berber Matting (#0228)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Like all of our polypropylene matting, Super Berber matting is long wearing and UV stable.
    • It can be used indoor or out. Super Berber can be vacuumed, steam cleaned or hosed off.
    • It can be cut at any angle without danger of the edge unraveling.
    • Available with a smooth backing for recessed application or knob back for free lay application.
    • Custom sizes are available with a high profile vinyl edging applied to all sides.
    • Inlaid logos available.
    • Passes smoke density test ASTM E662.
    • Passes surface flammabilty test FF 1-70 / ASTM D2859.

  4. Waterhog Inlay Logo Mats

    Waterhog Inlay Logo Mats (#235)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Indoor/Outdoor: Durable polypropylene face yarn suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly preventing fading and rotting.
    • 18 colors available. Place up to 5 colors per mat.
    • Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content.
    • Provides a slip resistant surface which effectively removes tough dirt, grime and water from feet.
    • Anti-static: Waterhog Inlay Logo mats have a maximum average voltage of 1.6 KV as measured by the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Propensity Test and meets IBM’s resistance (NFPA99).
    • Waterhog mats are safe for use in computer rooms and around electronic equipment.
    • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Available in smooth and cleated backing types.
    • Custom sizes available.
    • Email us your camera ready artwork for a free proof.

  5. Super Scrape Impression Logo Mats

    Super Scrape Impression Logo Mats (#3559)

    • Super Scrape Impressions Logo Mats offer a superior printing surface for your company logo or Promotional message
    • Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into durable Nitrile rubber
    • These long-lasting logo mats perform beautifully in all types of environments
    • The high-traction surface effectively removes and traps tough dirt, grime and water from shoes
    • Photo-realistic images, print ready artwork, tones and shades are all produced with unparalleled detail and clarity. 150 standard color options available.  
    • PMS color matching available with an upcharge.
    • 3/16” thickness. 
    • Resistant to oils and chemicals.
    • Upload your artwork for free proof.

  6. Classic Impression Logo Mats -

    Classic Impression Logo Mats (#75)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Reproduction of fine details, shading and 3-D images is easily achieved with our state-of-the-art digital printer.
    • 100% premium rubber backing with long-wearing, anti-static nylon carpet for years of trouble-free performance.
    • Green friendly rubber backing has 15% - 20% recycled content.
    • Resists curling and cracking.
    • Available in smooth and cleated backing types.
    • Available with oil/grease resistant 100% Nitrile Rubber backing when applications call for additional protection.
    • LUTRADUR™ primary substrate creates a strong bond between the rubber and carpet.
    • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Custom sizes available.
    • Email us your camera ready artwork for a free proof.

  7. Message / Slogan Mats -#690 Coffee

    Message / Slogan Mats (#990)

    • These bright bold mats are a perfect way to capture the attention of your employees and visitors.
    • The applications are endless and they cut down on maintenance costs.
    • Choose from these standard designs or create your own message.
    • Available in cleated or smooth backing.

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