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Pool, Shower, & Locker Room Matting

Mats Inc., is the leading providing of swimming pool, shower, and locker room matting solutions. Our inventory includes high-quality safety and drainage mats for locker rooms, changing areas, shower stalls, and indoor and outdoor pools to manage water accumulation. Drainage mats are crucial in wet areas to keep the area dry to prevent falls and injuries.

Pool Matting

Pool mats are necessary for safety. They increase traction by keeping water away from unwanted spaces and manage the collection of water to avoid injury. Our mats will allow water to flow through them while keeping walking areas surfaces dry It is a simple solution for maintaining a safe swimming pool area.

Locker Room & Shower Drainage Matting

Locker room mats and shower drainage mats are a necessity to keep wet areas a safe place. With these high-quality mats, locker rooms, changing areas, or shower stalls help manage water accumulation. Specifically, drainage mats, are imperative for wet areas to keep them dry in order to avoid injuries or falls. Our mats are designed to create a safe, non-slippery environment.

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  1. Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles

    Dri-Dek Interlocking Tiles (#0613)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • 12" x 12" interlocking modular tiles for those areas where safety and comfort are critical.
    • Open design allows water and debris to fall through the tile and out the drain.
    • Tiles snap quickly together and can be easily trimmed to fit wall to wall applications.
    • Perfect for showers, saunas, locker rooms, or any work station.
    • Contains Oxy-B1 vinyl to inhibit growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  2. Floorline Vinyl Matting

    Floorline Vinyl Matting (#0614)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This is a functional matting constructed of heavy wall flexible PVC tubes, electronically welded together in a grid form.
    • This mat should be used in showers, saunas, pools or locker rooms, where a non-skid surface is needed.
    • It will cushion your feet and will not slip even on a wet floor.
    • 1/4" thick.
    • Sold in 33' rolls only.

  3. Heron Rib Duckboard Vinyl Matting

    Heron Rib Duckboard Vinyl Matting (#0614A)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Resilient cushion construction eases worker fatigue and reduces breakage of dropped parts or equipment.
    • These mats are impervious to oils, grease, acids and alkalies.
    • Heron Rib has a specially embossed slip resistant surface.
    • Sanitized ® additives are included in the material for assured underfoot hygiene in areas where bacterial tends to harbor.
    • Made from non-porous PVC with channeled underbars to automatically self drain.
    • 1/2" thick.
    • Sold in 40' rolls only.

  4. Heron Air Vinyl Matting

    Heron Air Vinyl Matting (#0614HA)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Superior slip resistance, anti-fatigue properties and lower cost makes this the mat of choice where duckboard is not necessary. 
    • The hollow ribs provide comfort underfoot.
    • Provides excellent comfort & insulation where cold, hard floors are otherwise an issue.
    • 1/4" thick.
    • Sold in 40' rolls only.

  5. Vynagrip Vinyl Duckboard Matting

    Vynagrip Vinyl Duckboard Matting (#0614V)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Vynagrip is made from two layers of non-porous, flexible PVC that are welded together to create extra strong joints.
    • These mats are impervious to oils, grease, acids and alkalis.
    • Vynagrip has a specially embossed slip resistant surface.
    • Available with the additional benefit of yellow edges to mark routes and promote safety.
    • Mat is hygienic, easy to clean, and provides excellent cushioning properties
    • 5/8" thick.
    • Sold in 33' full rolls only.

  6. Cushion Tile

    Cushion Tile (#0616)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Cushion tile is the functional solution to the elimination of fatigue, vibration and slipping.
    • The mat is made of durable vinyl plastic and is easy to install and custom cut to fit.
    • Made from 100% recycled PVC material.
    • Black or yellow ramped edges are available with the same interlocking mechanism.
    • Resistant to most chemicals.
    • Can be used in industrial plants, machine shops, exercise rooms, health clubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and in boats.
    • 3/4" thickness.
    • See #0616S for solid version or #0616G for grit top version.

  7. Wayfarer Mats

    Wayfarer Mats (#265)

    • Vinyl loop construction traps dirt and moisture while scraping debris from shoes.
    • Thick vinyl foam backing helps keep the mat in place.
    • Tracking of dirt and moisture is minimized, protecting your clean floors and carpets.
    • Easy and inexpensive to maintain.
    • Just shake, vacuum or rinse out.
    • 3/8" thick.
    • Custom lengths available.

  8. Wayfarer Custom Mats

    Wayfarer Custom Mats (#266)

    • The perfect dirt stopper for outside and recessed applications.
    • This durable, vinyl loop mat, stands up to heavy traffic and scrapes dirt and grime off shoes.
    • This mat is unbacked to allow dirt and moisture to drain through for easy cleanup.
    • 1/2" thick.
    • Custom lengths available.

  9. 3M Entrap Wet Area Matting

    3M Entrap Wet Area Matting (3M #3200)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • The special compound is resistant to chemicals commonly found in locker rooms, around saunas, whirlpools, showers and pool areas.
    • Mat is UV stable and resist fungus and mildew.
    • The open construction allows water to run through the matting.
    • The matting stays dry and helps to reduce the possibility of slips and falls.
    • Light weight and can be easily cut to fit your application.
    • .170" thick.
    • Custom lengths available.

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