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Recessed Grates, Walk Off Mats, & Carpet Tiles

Mats Inc. supplies recessed grates, foyer mats, and carpet tiles that effectively remove dirt, mud, water & more to keep your entry clean and lower costs of maintenance on your facility. Recessed mats and grates are ideal for high traffic areas including office buildings, schools, airports, and hospitals. In addition, we supply carpet titles designed to trap dirt and remove grime from shoes in indoor and outdoor areas.

Recessed Matting

Recessed mats are any mats that are installed at the same level as the surrounding floor. This type of matting greatly reduces the risk of tripping and works well in facilities with lots of foot traffic. Highly resilient materials are used for this sort of mat to reduce wear. Recessed walk off and entrance mats are more efficient than surface matting at maintaining cleanliness.

Surface Matting

Surface mats are any which are placed on top of the surrounding floor. This type of matting is modular and works well for applications that are temporary or take up a small amount of space. The installation of surface mats is generally less of a time-consuming process than installing recessed matting.

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  1. Perfec Clean Mats & Grates

    Perfec Clean Mats & Grates (#0100)

    • Our Perfec Clean Mats & Grates provide a comfortable, surefooted surface that helps eliminate wet, slippery floors caused by tracked in mud, dirt, and water.
    • These mats are available in either our exclusive thermoplastic rubber hinge or our standard aluminum hinge.
    • Mats can be recessed or surface mounted.
    • Our grates are manufactured of rigid aluminum rails that allow dirt, sand, and water to collect below the surface.
    • All our floor products are available in a wide range of colors and materials to accent your building design.

  2. Vinyl Link Mat

    Vinyl Link Mat (#0105)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Superb shoe cleaning properties that reduce building maintenance. 
    • High grade PVC links are 1/2" wide x 7/16" thick x 1 7/8" long.
    • Mat first removes dirt, then contains it deep within corrugations.
    • Note: Not recommended where heavy equipment will be rolled over mats.
    • Available with bevel edging for surface mounting or square edging for recessed applications.
    • Custom logos can be incorporated into the mat.

  3. Dimensions

    Mat Recess Frame (#0108)

    • Made of extruded 6063 aluminum alloy and are fabricated to exact dimensions to insure fit to the mat.
    • Frames are supplied with mitered corners and shipped unassembled with all necessary anchor keys and corner pins.
    • Frames must be assembled at the job site and installed so that upper edge is level with finished floor surface.
    • The frame should be anchored into cement with anchor keys a minimum of 24" on centers.
    • Corner pins should be installed at all corners of frame.
    • For use on mats of 3/8" - 5/8" thickness
    • "Dimensions" are inside frame dimensions.

  4. Velva Tiles

    Velva Tiles (#0110)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This is a unique floor covering in tile and strip form manufactured from recycled strips of industrial tire carcasses.
    • The walking surface of the strips is chenille and vulcanized to a flexible backing. It is tough, non-absorbing, high wear flooring for use indoor or outdoor, in public buildings, schools, ramps, locker rooms, or entrances.
    • May be vacuumed. Use mild detergent and stiff brush to clean heavily soiled areas.
    • Use our environmentally friendly adhesive to bond tiles to floor.
    • Adhesive covers approximately 100 square feet per gallon.

  5. Berber Matting

    Berber Matting (#0227)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • This material is ideal for any type of entrance area, indoors and out.
    • Berber is impervious to ultra-violet light and can be cut into any size or shape without danger of the edges unraveling.
    • Berber is tough as steel, but looks like carpet.
    • Can be direct glued down or made into custom size mats with edging applied to all sides.
    • Corporate logo or design can be added for a custom look.
    • Email us your artwork for free proof and quote.

  6. Super Berber Matting

    Super Berber Matting (#0228)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Like all of our polypropylene matting, Super Berber matting is long wearing and UV stable.
    • It can be used indoor or out. Super Berber can be vacuumed, steam cleaned or hosed off.
    • It can be cut at any angle without danger of the edge unraveling.
    • Available with a smooth backing for recessed application or knob back for free lay application.
    • Custom sizes are available with a high profile vinyl edging applied to all sides.
    • Inlaid logos available.
    • Passes smoke density test ASTM E662.
    • Passes surface flammabilty test FF 1-70 / ASTM D2859.

  7. Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting

    Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting (#0407A)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Here is the first shoe and boot cleaning fiber known to man.
    • 3/16" thick vinyl backing completely protects floors with no leak-through as with woven brush mats.
    • These mats are easily cleaned by shaking, vacuuming or rinsing.
    • Available in rolls and are ideal for vestibules and recessed applications.
    • Maximum size available is 78 3/4" wide x 41' long.
    • Custom sizes available.

  8. Cushion Tile

    Cushion Tile (#0616)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Cushion tile is the functional solution to the elimination of fatigue, vibration and slipping.
    • The mat is made of durable vinyl plastic and is easy to install and custom cut to fit.
    • Made from 100% recycled PVC material.
    • Black or yellow ramped edges are available with the same interlocking mechanism.
    • Resistant to most chemicals.
    • Can be used in industrial plants, machine shops, exercise rooms, health clubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and in boats.
    • 3/4" thickness.
    • See #0616S for solid version or #0616G for grit top version.

  9. Waterhog Classic Tiles

    Waterhog Classic Tiles (#210)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • 24 ounce per square yard anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won’t fade or rot.
    • When wet, the rubber-reinforced surface allows water to be wicked to the bottom of the mat, below foot traffic and providing a slip-resistant surface.
    • Solution dyed for excellent color fastness.
    • Unique ridged construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level.
    • Damaged or worn tiles can be replaced easily.
    • Install with solvent-free permanent adhesive.
    • Exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas, thereby maintaining high performance and extending product life.
    • Should not be in areas exposed to animal fats (kitchens) or petroleum products.
    • Not adversely affected by salt or ice melt.
    • Easy to clean: Just vacuum. An upright carpet extractor may also be used with permanent adhesives.
    • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Available in either 1/4" or 7/16" thickness.
    • Tile size: 18” x 18”.

  10. Waterhog Eco Premier Tiles

    Waterhog Eco Premier Tiles (#2215)

    Starting at: $0.00

    • Unique ridged rubber reinforced design traps dirt and wicks moisture beneath the shoe level so that it is not tracked into your facility.
    • Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs extend the performance life by maintaining the bi-level construction in the pattern.
    • The anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fiber system will dry quickly, and will not fade or rot.
    • Three patterns available: diagonal, diamond, and geometric
    •  Damaged or worn tiles can be replaced easily.

  11. Wayfarer Custom Mats

    Wayfarer Custom Mats (#266)

    • The perfect dirt stopper for outside and recessed applications.
    • This durable, vinyl loop mat, stands up to heavy traffic and scrapes dirt and grime off shoes.
    • This mat is unbacked to allow dirt and moisture to drain through for easy cleanup.
    • 1/2" thick.
    • Custom lengths available.

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